The American Dream Begins…Living Simply. Scary. Exciting.

scale down to happiness

June 23, 2014

I’ve jumped through all the hoops and the time has finally arrived!  It’s building time!  Woo hoo!

Last Thursday, June 19th Calvin and Miles of Provencher Piers showed up to install pilings…13 feet into the ground.  After they were installed Marc and I went and drew the house plan into the sand around them.  On paper the house looks huge.  Well, when you see it in real life it somehow shrinks. Exciting and scary!

I looked at the dog and it reminded me of this Calvin and Hobbes comic…

Calvin Comic

So, it’s time to simplify!  Everything I own was listed on Craigslist this weekend…dog not included!

Then today, June 23rd Jose and his crew started notching the pilings and building the foundation.  The build was stalled for so long that everything now seems to be moving at the speed of a freight train!  Again, exciting and scary!

The foundation will be inspected by the County tomorrow and then the walls will appear.  Magic!


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