Less is more. Releasing Emotional Value on Material Objects.

scale down to happiness

September 12, 2014

The journey of the great sale begins.  Over the years one tends to accumulate a lot of stuff.  Even as anti-clutter as I am I still have loads and loads of stuff.  I have always had a philosophy when it comes to stuff.  I ask myself if it has a purpose; a function.  If it does, it passes the first test.  If it has more than one function it passes with flying colors.  The second test is a bit harder.  Do I need it?  Not want it, but need it?  This rule I break from time to time.  Hence, the reason I have so much stuff.  There are also exceptions to the rules.  There always are, aren’t there?  Memorabilia.  We have a tendency to place a lot of emotional value on objects.  I love to hoard things that remind me of special moments and special people in my life.  I’m a photographer for that very reason… capture a moment to still life forever.

It goes against my teachings and my practice so IT WAS TIME! It was time to commit to downsizing.  I determined what objects I really needed to survive day-to-day life and also keep it enjoyable.   I listed everything else for sale and now it’s all gone.  I cannot even describe in words how great it feels to just not have “stuff”.  You know that feeling you get when you spring clean your closet?  Well, imagine doing that with your life.  Start today; take baby steps.  When you see something or someone ask yourself, does this object or person benefit me in some way?  Does it or do they bring me joy?  Does it or do they serve a purpose in my life?

Now that I have cleaned out the clutter and toxicity in my life, I can continue building my tiny house.  So, here is how far we’ve gotten to date….

Tyvek goes on, Windows go in, Porch is built, and Siding is applied!  But, best of all….OUTDOOR SHOWER is built!

I’m just in love with this tiny house at the beach!


A little sneak peak for next time (Nathan is going to put on a roof)!