Simplifying More Than Our Stuff

scale down to happiness

February 17, 2015

“We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it.” – Donald Horban

When we discuss scaling down we immediately think of “stuff”- all those material possessions we have accumulated in life.  However, what else can we simplify besides our material possessions? How about our thoughts?  Our beliefs?  Our outlook on the universe?

Start now by taking time to analyze your daily thoughts and beliefs. Are they serving you? If not, how can you make some changes that will benefit you right now?

Scale down to happiness.

Lighting fixtures have been installed-

The bathroom is coming together-


The hardwood flooring is being installed by Mike-

Tiny Kitchen Sink & Ultra-Thin Countertops are in-


Love my new living room with my super energy efficient mini-split heating & cooling unit (no duct work here!)-


The bedroom (just big enough)-


Ralph and I are excited about our tiny house-


Gotta have a tiny trashcan for a tiny cabinet-

Appliances go in.  Tiny is the theme-


Yard Work-

See the tree across the street with all the vines growing up it.  All of mine USED to be covered just like that!


Found a bunch of bones in the yard.  They are now sun-bleached and ready for….something!


All the extra wood from the trees I had to cut down is stacked and ready for future bonfires.  The extra wood from the house build is also stacked and ready to be made into vegetable gardens in that very spot.


Staking his claim on the porch-


Don’t forget to enjoy each present moment and work to scale down your life to happiness!

1 thought on “Simplifying More Than Our Stuff”

  1. Very wise! Beautiful house pictures and ideas! We still strive for the beauty and simplicity and peace of the empty Haha, my next house might be a large leaf!

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